Dim Sums

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So, I kept my word. I’ve started on the sourdough seed culture. It doesn’t look like much. Hopefully it will in another 24 hours.

In other news, I bought a new bamboo steamer. S & I, we love dim sums. Our favorite dim sums in Chennai are from White Pepper, and Mainland China. We’ve had some inedible ones too. Lotus @ The Park had horrible dim sums. And so did Lemongrass @ Raintree. But I’ve always wanted to make them at home. Armed with my new steamer and some frozen spring roll wrappers, I made these.

I heart my bamboo steamer!

I used cabbage, carrots, green peppers (julienned and blanched), 1 green chili, cilantro, toasted peanuts, and a couple of drops of sesame oil. Pulse all of them to form a coarse mass (not watery at all), with a bit of salt.
The wrappers are frozen, store bought spring roll wrappers. Fill and shape as you wish.
Line your bamboo steamer with cabbage or lettuce leaves, so your dim sums don’t stick. Find a wok or pan on which your steamer will sit snugly. Fill upto half the pan with water (the bottom of the bamboo steamer should’nt touch the water). Boil water, steam for about 5 – 7 min.

Serve with any sauce. I served my dimsums with a simple sauce: soy sauce+drops of chili oil+ drops sesame oil whisked together

P.S. More on my starter tomorrow!


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