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Lunch at Rasam. It’s an old bungalow, converted into a restaurant specializing in Kongunadu food (Kongunadu – Coimbatore), owned by Sri Krishna Sweets. It was warm and cozy, although a bit too warm since the air conditioning had failed. We tried the Special Kongunadu Thali (tasting menu), and I was surprised. No, not pleasantly surprised. It was extremely spicy, the aroma so heady that I could barely eat a bite, but a few dishes were nice. Vazhaipoo vadai (Banana heart and split chickpeas fritters), and Karuveppilai payasam (Rice cooked in jaggery and flavored with curry leaves) to name a couple. Of course, the Nellikkai Rasam (Gooseberry soup) was delicious. It would have been a disaster it weren’t, given that they call themselves ‘Rasam’. But I have to give it to them, they were so kid friendly, they made eating out with twin seven month-olds a pleasure.

I don’t think I’d go back;  of a tasting menu of 20 dishes, I liked just 3. As kid friendly they are, as delightful the bungalow is, it finally comes down to the food. Sri Krishna Sweets ought to stick to making mysorepas (made from chickpea flour, clarified butter and sugar).

Rasam @ Raja Annamalai Road, Purasawalkam, Chennai. Ph- +91 44 26616667


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